Stewart Law Group offers the following services for British Columbia Real Estate transactions:

Buying and Selling Representation
Non-Resident Selling
Mortgages & Refinancing


British Columbia and Alberta Real Estate: Differences and Similarities

While real estate transactions follow a standard concept across the country, each province has its own distinct process to complete a sale and transfer.

In British Columbia, the buyer’s lawyer prepares all the documents and controls the entire registration process. Empower yourself by understanding what is involved in a real estate transaction in Alberta with our helpful resources:


  1. REVIEW THE STEPS to buying or selling a residential property in BC
  2. BUYING A CONDO in BC? – See our information on Condominiums for information specific to Condominiums, however, what is set out below also applies to “Condos”.
  3. BUYING PROPERTY IN BANFF? – Visit our Banff Properties section for information specific to Banff properties, however, what the Steps set out below also applies.
  4. Buying or selling a commercial property in BC? VIEW OUR AVAILABLE CORPORATE SERVICES. 
  5. Get to know BC REAL ESTATE TERMS including information about BC’s Property Transfer Tax.
  6. If you are a property developer, you can request access to our Developer Tool Kit. CONTACT JAMIE STEWART at Stewart Law Group to receive exclusive access to this helpful information.

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