With an extensive portfolio of business clients, Stewart Law offers planning and consultation of business-related wills, estate planning, directives, agreements and wealth management solutions. Our services include:

Succession Planning – planning who will lead your company in the future is important to your stakeholders, business partners and family members. Stewart Law can help you determine the best path to coordinate a seamless handover when the time is right.

Partnership Planning
– If you own a corporation or have a partnership agreement with a family member, Stewart Law can assist with the most appropriate terms to ensure your estate and beneficiaries are protected due to an untimely death.

Insurance Planning
–Coordinating Life Insurance and registered plans in anticipation of accidental death or demise can offer protection and support your company and business partners. You can appoint beneficiaries to receive upon your death, which will protect the day-to-day requirements for your company, business property or venture. Insurance and bypasses the estate probate process and costs, which means the company directors will receive payout immediately to apply to the business.

Estate Freezes –Freezing your estate including any business interests and commercial property can offer taxable and non-taxable benefits. It involves reorganizing and fixing/freezing the value of the interest in any real property and business revenue. Stewart Law Group can help arrange any future increases in property to be transferred to family, partners or the business in a trust form.

– Owning a business and/or managing property requires careful planning around a Last Will and Testament. There may be taxes you are not aware of. Stewart Law Group can help to manage and plan for anticipated taxes and penalties toward your estate and beneficiaries, including business partners, joint venture partners, beneficiaries, and creditors.

Family Trusts
–As a business owner, you can include a family trust related to your corporation. This allows you to establish a family trust based on the anticipated continued revenue of your business and property investments. Stewart Law has helped clients establish trusts that cover day-to-day expenses, community contributions, taxation and real estate costs. A trust can also benefit generations to come so your care lives on.

Estate & Beneficiary Dispute Mediation/Resolution – A Last Will & Testament that includes the succession, transfer for dissolution of a business can create great stress among beneficiaries, family members and business partners. Let Stewart Law take care of the potential for conflict by offering dispute mediation and resolution services. This service ensures that every party is heard and respected, and works together for a beneficial conclusion..

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